PMDG 737 `You have control - Basics, Handlings and Procedures

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Only a few people ever get to fly a transport aircraft in reality. Precision Manuals offers an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which enables all enthusiasts to get into the virtual cockpit of the most successful airliner in the world, providing realistic flight and system simulation in real time.

Up to now it was almost impossible to use the simulator to its full extend, with real procedures that are also used in the real aircraft. This book takes you by the hand and teaches you step by step what tasks, considerations and flying techniques are necessary to employ the 737 as a transport aircraft. Moreover, it provides an exciting, exceptional glance behind the flight deck`s door. All explanations are as detailed as necessary and as understandable as possible. Even without the use of a flight simulator, this book offers valuable information about the 737.The author is employed as a 737 pilot with a major airline in European scheduled and charter air traffic. Get on to that fantastic plane, take your seat in the cockpit and then...

"You have control!"




Principals of flight
Basics of flight planning
Crew resource management 
Simulator setuo

Cold and dark cockpit - Preparation for flight
Engine start
Taxi out
Take off
Jet aircraft flight characteristics
Descent planning
Approach & Landing


"Adventure 42" Belfast - London Heathrow
"Adventure 94" London Heathrow - Luxembourg
"Adventure 20G" Luxembourg - Milan
"Adventure 11T" Milan - Athens
"Leisure 22" Miami - New Orleans
"Leisure 36" New Orleans - Chicago O`hare
"Leisure 74" Chicago O`hare - Boston
"Leisure 25" Boston - Tampa


Operational flight plan & Checklists