Nfightcam GoPro Cockpit Kit Deluxe

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Not quite sure what you need to use your GoPro in the cockpit? This kit is the complete solution for filming with your GoPro from inside the cockpit, everything is included except for the GoPro. The Nflightcam Cockpit kit is the complete solution for filming with a GoPro 3, 3+, or 4 inside the cockpit. The Nflightcam Audio+Power cable allows you to capture crystal clear audio from your headset while powering the camera for endless recording. The Nflightcam high­quality optical glass Propeller filter removes the annoying propeller distortion. The Frame is provided to attach the camera to the fully­articulating suction cup allowing easy mounting to any smooth surface inside your cockpit. The large case makes it easy to keep everything organized and safe both in the cockpit and at home.

Compatible with: GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4

  •  Nflightcam Audio + Power Cable
  •  Nflightcam Propeller Filter, 37mm ND8
  •  Frame Mount
  •  Suction Cup with fully ­articulating ball head
  •  Case with custom GoPro foam insert

Does not include GoPro Camera.